Law School Review

Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology- School of Law


Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology- School of law, Kapashera is a NAAC credited, and ISO certified college affiliated with Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.
FIMT believes that the law is one of the most lucrative professions these days and not without reasons! A law student gets invariably equipped with a host of skills such as critical analysis, lateral thinking, research and public speaking etc.
FIMT is well known for its unique learning environment and quality of teaching, which makes it one of the top 5 colleges affiliated to GGSIPU. If students want an inspiring and challenging education that will shape their career and help them connect with the professional world, then FIMT is the perfect institute to broaden their horizons and guide them to the path that will help them achieve their goals. FIMT- School of law offers to its students two integrated courses of law- BBA, LLB and BA, LLB.


Academics of FIMT
Law affects and is affected by many disciplines. BBA, LLB is one such unique interdisciplinary program which has emerged in the last decade as a result of fast-changing trends of the industry. BBA LLB provides with an integrated understanding of the interrelation between management studies and law. The highly qualified faculty of FIMT deliver the students with in-depth knowledge about commerce and business management, with intricate details of law and governance. The college keeps the students well updated
about certification courses, seminars, webinars, etc. through various workshops conducted by the faculty, guest lecturers, pass-outs or senior students of the college. BBA, LLB. The degree is considered to be very important and students who come out with BBA, LL.B degree have a lot of employment opportunities in administration, Planning, Management, Banking, and Industrial Sector in addition to Judiciary & Legal Profession. The Sweeping changes in the global economic scenario have necessitated a strong demand for a breed of youngsters with the potential knowledge of law coupled with the core essentials of Management & Business to enhance productivity and FIMT caters to this demand.


As mentioned previously, the law affects and is affected by many disciplines. Another such interdisciplinary program is BA, LLB. The students at FIMT are taught to examine and assess the role of humanities in developing and shaping contours of various legal and regulatory frameworks. The exceedingly skilled and qualified staff of FIMT helps the students to analyze the socio-legal gaps critically and have debates about the same. The methods of teaching in the Law School include lecture discussions, case law analysis, moot court training, project assignment and placement programmes.
Lawyers can find employment opportunities in public and private sector organizations. Most Lawyers prefer to become an advocate and practice law as a profession. For that, they have to enrol with the Local/State/Central Bar Council. Central/State Government jobs are also open to Lawyers. During the period they can be appointed as Judges of various courts, as Attorney and Solicitor General, as Public Prosecutor and even in Defence, Tax and Labour Departments. Moreover, lawyers can also work as legal counsel and legal advisers for firms, organizations and families. They also can be appointed as Company Secretaries in various firms. They also can work with legal consultancy firms dealing with tax, excise, patent, labour and environmental laws. They also can work as trustees of various trusts, law reporters in media industries. Lawyers also have ample career options in Law schools and colleges as a teacher/professor. In addition to this, Lawyers also can join politics because they have significant public contacts. These non-profit organizations like NGOs need the service of Lawyers. International agencies like UNO, ILO, and ICJ also employ Lawyers of good reputation and track records.


The institute has a particular Career Office. The staff under this team conducts various workshops and mock interviews for their students. They give detailed information about the resumes, LinkedIn Clinics, body language during the interviews, etc. On behalf of their students, they approach several prominent and well-known companies. They organize many internship interviews for the students of FIMT.

Fee structure
1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year
BBA LLB 95,000 85,900 76,400 76,400 76,400
BA LLB 90,000 85,900 68,500 68,500 68,500


Infrastructure of FIMT

  • The campus of the college is compact yet lively enough to maintain a happy and cheerful environment.
  • The classrooms are significant and can fit in over 50 students but are not air-conditioned.
  • The most substantial part of this law school is its vast and perfectly equipped moot court.
  • The college has a well- provided and air-conditioned library with all the subject related books and allows the students to issue them every week.
  • Hostel services for students coming from outstations are available. Accommodation for over 100 students is available.
  • Two up-to-date air-conditioned computer labs with more than 30 computers each.
  • Sports and recreation room are available for students who wish to play indoor games.
  • Dual floored cafeteria with Café Coffee Day, a nutritious menu and other snacks.
  • Transport facility at a reasonable rate is available for students and teachers.

Faculty at FIMT
The faculty of FIMT is selected through a process of intense screening and multiple rounds of interviews. Apart from being highly qualified, they are kind, caring and supportive towards their students. The faculty is friendly and easily accessible, motivates the
students not to let any of their doubts go unresolved. The professors are well informed about modern technologies and use visual aids for the students for a better and more exciting understanding of the subject. The teachers of this institute are dedicated to shaping the careers of young minds. They encourage their students and give them the confidence to take part in various competitions which would be helpful in the development of their personalities. The anti-ragging cell and the college counsellors are readily available
for all the students who need them.


The vision and mission of FIMT are what makes it the best- achieve excellence in technology-led teaching, education, training and research for continuous improvement in relevance and quality of MANAGEMENT, IT, JOURNALISM, EDUCATION, LAW or any other technical education field. Indeed, the college inculcates a high sense of responsibility and commitment among the students.
The only drawback with the college is the small area of the campus. Nevertheless, the college has left no stone unturned to maintain a happy and peaceful environment.


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