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Dharmashastra National Law University (DNLU) was established by the Madhya Pradesh national law university act 24 of 2018. The vision of the University is to impart and decimate the knowledge of the law and to promote and develop the culture for research development and advancement of legal education. Vice-chancellor of the University is professor Balraj Singh Chauhan.


The University is located in Jabalpur, at Army cant. Area, which is safe for the students and especially for the girls, although Jabalpur is not a proper city for professional development. 

Location: Located in Bharat Ratna Bhim Rao Ambedkar Institute of Telecom Training

Address: South Civil Lines, Pachpedi, Lekha Nagar, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001


Official website

The official website is well maintained. All the updates regarding events and notices are duly uploaded on it. The link of the official site is


  1. CAMPUS: Currently, we don’t have our campus, and the rented one is too good for the college premise compared to other NLUs. It’s not massive but still, suffice our purpose and rent is too expensive. 
  2. LIBRARY: We have all the essential e-subscriptions like SCC online, JSTOR etc. It has all the required books to study law. The textbooks are limited, and there is a need for more books. But yes, the University is working hard to provide all the essential books required by the students. Library fully wi-fi premises are suitable for reading and research purposes.  
  3. HOSTEL: As it’s a rented building and owned by the BSNL, hostels are good. The rooms are very spacious, and the mess is there in the hostel, even the food is delicious compared to all the universities. We had badminton courts, basketball courts, and volleyball courts also. There is a separate room for indoor games in a hostel. 


 The teachers were appointed recently by the panel of learned vice-chancellor of other NLUs and professors. Teachers appointed are knowledgeable. Along with them, research cum teaching assistants are also appointed. There are some faculty which hold a good command over there subject, but here the review differs as per the choice of subject and teacher; otherwise, some teachers are outstanding, and some are average, but yes all the faculty try hard to solve the doubt of the students, and they are available every time, whenever students need. They give their full support. 


The administration is working hard. You are free to talk to VC, sir, and head of the department working hard, and students are free to speak with the administration about their problems. The fee is a bit too high in comparison to the other universities.



The cafeteria is not right, lack of availability of food and charge a high price for the food items. There are enough tables and chairs for all the students of our University to enjoy their time with pieces of snacks available on a payment basis.


As its only two years since the inception of the University, and the University till now is blessed with two batches. Being the 1st year student, I can say seniors are right; they are accommodating and always available whenever you need any help. And there is a lot of competition in two batches and its challenging to make good friends. Students are very talented. You will find all types of students, those who want to learn, get loads to learn. Lots of extracurriculars, debates moots, sports, and even music are encouraged and supported.



No placement till now, as evident it being two years for University to be opened, and yes, we can hope for the placement in upcoming years. The internship and placement cell has great plans to look for it. Presently, no batch has yet passed out. Internships opportunities in various fields of law are handpicked and scrutinized in by the cell for the students to choose.


The best thing is hostel rooms as they are very spacious and yes, our vice-chancellor professor Balraj Singh Chauhan sir. The best thing about the University, in my opinion, is the system of on-campus education where a student can get out of his home, on to the field and make himself independent to make decisions for themselves. But the things differ to every student as all of them don’t have the same likings.



The worst thing can be as presently we do not have our campus, and it’s a rented one, so sometimes we face many restrictions. Worst obviously is the rented campus which eats up a significant part of the funds making the administration pennywise while providing facilities. However, the University’s campus is under construction. As soon as the necessary infrastructure is built, we all will be shifted. 


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