Law School Review



The University Law College (hereinafter as ULC) is a constituent college of Gauhati University established under the Gauhati University Act, 1948, and is the deemed Department of Law. The department of ULC is located in the ambit of Gauhati University’s campus itself in Jalukbari, Gauhati, Assam. The campus of Gauhati University is a huge & closed one; hence it’s a different world in itself constituted by the students of the same. Several luminaries like Swati bidhan Baruah, who marks the 1st transgender judge of Assam and 3rd in the country, were an alumnus of this very institution. Mukunda Kam, a part-time lecturer of this institution later Went onto hold the office of Chief justice of Delhi High court and recently elevated as a judge of the Supreme Court. Besides, many of the teachers hold both the bar and bench. The college has successfully disseminated a wide range of Legal knowledge and produced scholars and gained acclamation both Nationally and internationally.  

People across the world can access news, events, admissions, etcetera of this institution through its official website The respective handlers keep the viewers updated and serve with everything they are in search of. 


The institution University Law College is characterized by the following mainly:

  • Excellent Infrastructure: The infrastructure of University Law College is excellent. As aforementioned, the campus is large and closed and hence is a world in itself for the students of ULC. The campus is omnipresent with greens and different Flora, which caters to the aesthetics, thus adding more beautification to the campus. There is a botanical garden within the campus, which consists of various Flora and may be fauna too! Besides that, it has the most extensive library in the state of Assam popularly known as Krishna Kanta handique library. It has a wide brimming of various books, thesis, paperwork, etcetera. One can access this by obtaining a library card. It is also accessible by any student, teacher, or research scholar of the state on bona fide reason.

                   There are more than 20 hostels in Gauhati University. The infrastructure of the hostels is well, and the rooms are quite spacious. The offices of the hostels are of 2 seaters mostly. The administration of the hostels is rigid yet homely. Everyone offers a helping hand to others during need. The hostels also organize various inter hostel competitions and celebrate events together. All in all, it’s a home away from home!. 


                 GU’s remarkable attraction is a large indoor & outdoor stadium, gymnasium hall, Independent market area within the campus, A gym, Badminton and basketball courts, and various rooms to organize events; it has a total of 6 cafeterias to relish the cravings of the students. 

  • ACADEMICS & FACULTIES: As aforementioned, the faculties serve both the bar and the bench. The faculties hail from all across the nation. They serve the students both on and off duty. If not in their duty, the teachers are Omnipresent in the library equipping itself with knowledge and wisdom. As a result, the college has been able to achieve a 100% pass percentage and produce pioneers. It is noteworthy here that the college has always focused on the students’ overall development for which they organize various inter and intra competitions. The institution has always encouraged students to let their talent find proper expression at the appropriate platform. It has encouraged to participate and compete across the world without jeopardizing their expenses. 
  • ADMINISTRATION AND FEE STRUCTURE: The administration of GU and ULC, in particular, is remarkable. The VC Pratap Jyoti Handique is a jewel of Gauhati University. He has always served in the best interest of the students. He has seen always adopting reformative action for the betterment of the students, which is pretty evident from the fact that Amid the Covid-19 pandemic as well he has made sure of the proper functioning of classes and dissemination of knowledge to all categories of students irrespective of accessibility to the internet.  

                   One can quickly seek admission in ULC if able to crack the entrance examination again without the fear of expenses. The fee structure is quite bearable for a professional coarse, and there is also a provision of scholarships for the one in sure need. 

  • CAFETERIA: The campus of Gauhati University is a large one, and hence there are a total of 7 canteens inside the campus excluding the market. All the cafés specialized in a particular type of cuisine, and no two cafes are the same. If one serves with the southern cuisine, the other serves with the basics like paratha, chowmein, parcels, etc. Hence it caters to relish the cravings of the students at an affordable cost. 
  • STUDENT CULTURE AND ACTIVITIES: Gauhati University is known for its cultural activities mainly. With the academics in hand, one gets to know different cultures, too, as there is a platform for forming and promoting different cultures of the nation. As aforementioned, there are several halls, and hence the year gets to witness many events initiated by students. There are various societies, too, whereby people express their talents and become a representative of the same. Besides, the Election of the union members is celebrated like a festival. 
  • PLACEMENT: The placement structure of the institution is yet to develop!.  
  • BEST THING: The best thing about the institution is its faculties. They are godly creatures in human forms. 
  • WORST THING: The worst thing about the institution is the placement!

  Henceforth after one’s enrollment in University Law College, it becomes an emotion that stays with the students forever in every walks of their life!      

                                                         All hail ULC, GU!


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