JumpStart 2.0: CRY’s Online Volunteering Program (40 Hours) [Feb 1-March 16]: Apply by Jan 26


Make a difference in the lives of children by being a part of CRY’s online volunteering program Jumpstart 2.0 from February 1, 2023.

About JumpStart

It’s an Annual 6 weeks flexible volunteering program called JumpStart. This is the second edition of the program where the participants will learn, reflect and contribute to the cause of child rights. This program will also give the participants a holistic idea about the different societal issues about children by taking part in different activities, introspection, completing different curated tasks, and by sharing reflections periodically.

These 6 weeks will also provide the participants with a chance to contribute their skills to a cause.

Mode of the Programme

The entire 6-week program will be ONLINE, where the volunteers will get an opportunity to learn, reflect and contribute to the cause of child rights, honing their perspectives and skills on the way.


Timing & Duration

You are expected to commit 40 hours in total in the 6 weeks duration. This will be a 6-week online volunteering program from February 1, 2023. During this duration, volunteers will be given a few activities/tasks which they should complete within a given timeline.

For most of the activities, timings are flexible. The webinars will be conducted at a specific time, and it is mandatory to attend. Completing the tasks within given timelines is also essential. Since it is only a 6-week program, no extensions will be offered.


Anyone of and above the age of 15 with a working laptop/computer and a stable internet connection can participate. Parental consent is mandatory for participants under the age of 18 years.



You will be provided with 4 tasks that need to be completed within 6 weeks of the given time. A detailed guided note will be shared once you join and start the program explaining the activities and their timelines.

Activities will be:

  1. Knowing CRY and Child Rights
  2. Fundraising for a cause
  3. Contributing your skills (Here, volunteers will get a chance to contribute their skills to the organization and the best ones will be acknowledged)
  4. Networking and being part of a Social Media campaign.

Fundraising is one of the activities in this program just like the other activities. Also, any amount raised by our volunteers is immensely important for us because it helps many children to enjoy their basic rights like education, health etc. Also, fundraising helps in developing communication and outreach skills.

We encourage volunteers to raise a minimum of Rs. 3000 because this will ensure that 3 out-of-school children are enrolled back in school.



  • Certificate upon completing 6 weeks, only if all the activities are submitted on time
  • Educate yourself on child rights/social issues through different allocated tasks.
  • Attend capacity-building workshops conducted by experts.
  • A better understanding of child rights and enhancing communication skills.
  • Develop communication and outreach skills through fundraising.

Application Deadline

January 26, 2023

Contact Information

In case of queries, please write to volunteering@crymail.org

Click here to register.

Click here to download the FAQs 

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