7th National Case Comment Writing Competition Organised by Team Attorneylex: Register by 30th March

About the Organisation:

Team Attorneylex is a Student-run organisation; it is an online platform for law students where they can contribute their legal knowledge and get recognised for their contribution. 

Along with the other activities, the endeavour is to deliver legal help to the sectors of society that are unable to access existing legal services due to illiteracy and poor economic conditions.

About the Competition:

The objective of this competition is to promote the importance of the latest landmark judgment passed by the Supreme Court of India. This competition will let the participants know how these latest judgments have changed the overall course of justice. The Supreme Court landmark judgments provided as the theme of the Competition would enrich not only the academic experience but also provide knowledge about the practical aspect of the professional legal world. This Case Comment Writing Competition promotes original thoughts and analysis among students, researchers, academicians and legal practitioners.


 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to All.
  • All undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, research scholars from a recognized school, college or university are eligible to participate in this competition.

List of Cases for Case Comment Writing ( Choose any one)

  1. RIT Foundation vs Union of India (2022 SCC Online Del 1404)
  2. Janhit Abhiyan vs Union of India (2022 SCC Online SC 1540)
  3. Union of India vs Alapan Bandyopadhyay (2022 SCC Online SC 16)
  4. Neil Aurelio Nunes vs Union of India (2022 SCC Online 75)
  5. Ashish Shelar vs Maharastra Legislative Assembly (2022 SCC Online 105)
  6. M. Siddiq vs Mahant Suresh Das (2019 SCC Online 1440)
  7. Jarnail Singh vs Lachhmi Narain Gupta (2022 SCC Online 96)
  8. State of Manipur vs Surajakumar (2022 SCC Online SC 130)
  9. Hotel Priya, A Proprietorship vs State of Maharashtra (2022 SCC Online SC 204)
  10. Vijay Mandal Choudhary vs Union of India (2022 SCC Online SC 881)
  11. Jacob Puliyel vs Union of India (2022 SCC Online SC 533)
  12. State of Jharkhand vs Shailendra Kumar Rai (2022 SCC Online SC 1494)

Submission Guidelines:

  • The case comment should include the following elements: Synopsis, background, facts of the case, issues, contentions, findings, reasoning, disposition, critical analysis, and conclusion.
  • The submission must be original. 
  • Submission must be in English Language only.
  • It should be submitted in Word/ Docs document format only.
  • Word Limit: 1200-2400 words, including citations.
  • Plagiarism limit: 25%. 
  • Co-authorship is permitted( Max. 2 Authors)
  • Formatting Details:
  1. Font: Times New Roman
  2. Title: Font Size – 14, Bold, Underlined, Capital
  3. Headings: Font Size – 14, Bold, Capital
  4. Content: Font Size – 12
  5. Alignment: Justified
  6. Line Spacing: 1.5
  7. Citation: Endnote (20th Blue Book)
  • All submissions shall be made to submission@teamattorneylex.in with the subject – “Submission: National Case Comment Writing Competition”.

Note: The submission shall also be accompanied by another Word document consisting of a Cover Letter mentioning the Name of the Author/s; Name of the Institution/College/University; Designation; Year of Study (if applicable); Email ID.


Marks Shall be allotted based on the following:

  1. Understanding of the Facts of the Case (Topic chosen)
  2. Interpretation
  3. Analysis and Conclusion
  4. Presentation and Creativity
  5. Compliance & Strict Adherence to formatting and submission guidelines

Important Dates and Timing: 

  1. Last Date of Registration: 30 March 2023
  2. Last Date of Submission: 1 April 2023, 11:59 PM.
  3. Declaration of Results: 5 April 2023


  • Winner: Cash prize Rs. 3000/- + Certificate of Merit + Free Article/ Case Summary publication on the website + Online Internship opportunity with the Team Attorneylex.
  • Runner up: Cash prize Rs. 1500/- + Certificate of Merit + Free Article/ Case Summary publication on the website  + Online Internship Opportunity with Team Attorneylex.
  • 2nd Runner Up: Cash prize Rs. 700/- + Certificate of Merit + Free Article/ Case Summary publication on the website + Online Internship Opportunity with Team Attorneylex.
  • Top 10 Performers: Certificate of Merit + Free Article/ Case Summary publication on the website + Online Internship Opportunity with Team Attorneylex.
  • E–participation Certificate will be provided to all the participants.

Registration Fee:

Single Author: Rs. 100/- (Early bird offer Rs. 80, till 10th March)

Two Authors: Rs. 150/- (Early bird offer Rs. 130, till 10th March)

Payments details

Paytm/ G-pay/Phonepe- 9616696008 (Gaurav yadav)

Bhim UPI- 9616696008@upi

Bank details-

Name- Gaurav Yadav

Bank – HDFC Bank

Account Number- 50100429858721

IFSC Code- HDFC0009157


Registration Link

Click here to register,



If you have any queries feel free to contact

Vanshika – 07055460463

Gaurav – 09616696008

Email- contact@teamattorneylex.in

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